All in 1

Dishwasher & Glassware Cleaner


improves your




Leaves glasses

sparkling clean

and spot free.


Hard water deposits,

grease & detergent residue, can cause a dishwasher to lose its ability to clean properly.

Kleenite® Kleen

Machine improves the

effectiveness of your

dishwasher & cleans

glasses, leaving them

sparkling and spot free.


  • Cleans glasses sparkling & spot free
  • Removes white haze deposits
  • Removes organic residues
  • Eliminates the need for rinse agents
  • Cleans and freshens dishwashers
  • Improves dishwasher effectiveness

Kleenite® - Proven Superior

Kleenite® has a proven track record at some of the largest, most critical Tasting Wineries in Sonoma, Napa Valley & elsewhere as a superior glassware cleaner. (See Testimonials)


In consumer surveys of Levels of Satisfaction: