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Kleenite Winery Customers:
California Fruit Wine-CA
Chateua Lorane-OR
Conn Valley Vineyards-CA
Dry Hollow Vineyards-OR
Facell Winery-WA
Frontenac Point-NY
Glen Carlou-CA
Hard Row to Hoe-WA
Latah Creek-WA
Mayhill Winery-WA
Milat Wine Co.-CA
Moshin Vineyards
Peter Lehman-CA
Ponderosa Winery-WA
Robison Ranch Cellars-WA
Rockwell Cellars-WA
Savanah Wine Cellars-GA
Scribner Bend Vineyards-CA
Single Leaf WInery-CA
Shenandoah Vineyard-CA
Sutter Home Winery
Tesoro WInery
The Hess Group-CA
Wy'East Vineyards-OR

Our customers rave about our product. Formulated with Effervescent Cleaning Technology, it is superior to other available detergents.

“We Love it! Kleenite is the first product that leaves glasses odor free and spotless"
Catherine Banister, Vistor Center Manager

Really works. Gets rid of dishwasher smell and cleans dishes as well. Use monthly, it is much cheaper than single use dishwasher cleaners.


After phosphates were removed from all the popular detergents like Cascade, nothing cleaned my glasses and dishes in my dishwasher. So I started adding Glass Magic along with Cascade, but odors still remained. All my children complained that the glasses smelled horrible.

After two years of experimenting, I saw by chance Kleenite Kleen Machine at Giant and tried it...A miracle breakthrough! With the very first use, not only were the glasses and flatware clean, ALL ODORS were GONE! You must try it to believe it. Why is it not advertised as the best dishwasher detergent EVER, rather than just a glassware cleaner. I almost threw out our Top of the Line dishwasher until I discovered Kleenite....Glad I didn't make that mistake.


Kleenite is a new product to me, and I was very impressed. All the dishes came out looking shinier, but I most noticed how good the glasses looked. For the first time in years, the really sparkled. I have what is supposed to be a top-of-the-line dishwasher, and I use what is likely the best-selling dishwasher detergent (plus a good rinse agent). Yet the clear glassware never looked truly bright and shiny. If I really wanted that little haze gone, I had to wash them again by hand. I just noticed it so I'm pleased to find a product that takes cleaning up that extra notch.  You might give Kleenite a try and see if your dishes come out more like you expect that they should - sparkling, clean, and attractive.


Fantastic at getting rid of hard-water stains; it works a lot better than most products out there. I mix it with normal dishwasher detergent and it lasts longer.

Arthur Moreno

This said it could help clean out a dishwasher and it had a good review. Figured it was worth a shot. Have used it about a week or so and my dishwasher has started to work better. It had some white scale in it; glasses were cloudy and the dishwasher just had not been cleaning as well as it used to.We have well water so that is no surprise.
Kleenite said it would clean the dishwasher and help clear glassware. Since I have used it, my dishwasher is cleaner, the arms are rotating more easily, the white scale has slowly disappeared, and my glasses are clearing up. Actually all my dishes are looking cleaner and cleaner.

Kleenite is living up to its claims. I am happy I have decided to give it a shot. It sure worked for me. I would recommend this to anyone with well water or anyone trying to clean their dishwasher.


My dishes are so clean! The dishwasher is clean and running good. I am very happy with this product. I bought the larger size.


The load of glassware and dishes I ran last night looked beautiful this morning. Can this product be used for cleaning regular dishwashing loads with dirty dishes, etc.? The few pieces I put in the load last night with glassware came out sparkling. 

Mike Conway, Latah Creek Wine Cellars



We have tested Kleenite in our commercial dishwashers and have found Kleenite to be superior over the liquids we have been using. Our drying cycles take less time and we don’t have to towel polish our wine glasses to get them to sparkle. This saves us time and labor.           

Maureen Lee, Manager, Maryhill Winery


We are happy with the results from your Kleenite product. Not only does it remove stains and cloudiness from our wine glasses, it also refreshes our dishwasher. We have hard water and over time the walls of our dishwasher accumulates rust and soap scum. Kleenite not only cleans the walls of our dishwasher but sanitizes and deodorizes as well. Kleenite has solved our glassware problem that no other method or product has been able to do.                                                                        

Don Phelps, Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards


Our crystal barware, wine glasses and decanters have developed red wine stains and calcium deposits over time…which normal dish washing liquids and powders did not remove. Your Kleenite Glassware Cleaner worked like magic after soaking for only an hour…using only 1-2 capfuls in a gallon of warm water.  

Sue O.


I found your new Kleenite Crystal Clear at a local retailer and bought it in the hope that it would remove the red wine stains. I followed the instructions and soaked my crystal wine glasses and decanter for one hour. Everything looked like new again. Kleenite Crystal Clear is the answer.

Carolyn Bernhard, Seattle Times


I was amazed at how quickly Kleenite dissolved the white cloudy deposits that have accumulated on our acrylic glasses over the years from washing in the dishwasher.                                                    

George R.


I tried Kleenite Glassware Cleaner in my dishwasher and all my glassware and fine cut glass came out beautifully. The pieces sparkled, and looked as good as the day I bought them. And, as an extra bonus, my dishwasher smelled fresh and clean.                                                                                     

Harry Butcher


We have kitchen-tested your new Kleenite and it works very good. We now have it in our catalog and wineries love it. We are ready to reorder.                                                                           

Frank, Franmara, Inc.


Your product works just great. I am a believer.                                                                

Ron Roberts


I love Kleenite!  My glasses come out perfect, without having to run the dishwasher twice on “pot scrubber” with Cascade “Complete”, but still cloudy….and then having to hand polish!!! The best feature is no lipstick prints left on the glasses after using Kleenite when compared to glasses washed with Cascade – the Kleenite glasses are clear with no spots!                                                                                

Heather Watt – Boca Raton


We have crystal glasses from Reidel and hard water in our rual area which made our glasses look terrible after one season even with our hi temp. commercial dishwasher. We soaked the worst glasses for an hour or so using Kleenite before rinsing and running through the dishwasher. The difference was astonishing! These glasses are now sparking and usable again.                                                                             

Y'East Vineyards


I had 24 brand new glasses that were pitifully clouded from use with Cascade and Jet Dry in my brand new Kitchen Aid dishwasher. I used your Kleenite product…and voila! They came out sparkling! Thanks for making such a wonderful product.           

Ann Wood

I would first like to start out by saying that your product, Kleenite Kleen Machine Glassware Cleaner & Dishwasher Detergent, is by far the best product for its purpose. My older dishwasher runs like brand new. We also have hard water in our community which is not a problem any longer since using Kleenite. Our dishes and glassware have never been so spotless. The dishwasher is always clean after a wash cycle. We have been using the product for almost a year.

I also noticed the other products that your company currently offers, which I may also be purchasing in the future.

Chuck R, New Britain, PA


A few months ago I saw your product in a grocery store. By the time I saw your Kleenite product, I had used every product on the store shelves to try and get the funky smell out of my dishwasher.

I am now on about my fourth container of Kleenite. Not only did it get the smell out of my dishwasher, it got the smell out of my sister’s garbage disposal. I can assure that was a Herculean task. Since then I have deodorized and cleaned my mom’s dishwasher and garbage disposal and my daughters. I descale my electric tea kettle, my espresso machine and coffee maker with Kleenite. Thank you for making this product. I love it!

Betsy Zlotnick


I purchased two 16 ounce cans of your “Kleenite Kleen Machine” powder in an act of hopeless desperation. J I had ruined, or so I feared, 24 brand new glasses in my brand new KitchenAid  dishwasher. I used your product in my automatic dishwasher along with my pitifully clouded drinking glasses….and they  literally came out sparkling. I’m, using your product by substituting it for the usual dishwasher powders/liquids.

I’m just really super happy with your product.


I am so glad I found this product...
Where we live our water is one of the hardest around...using your product makes our cutlery and crockery shine. Everything comes up brilliant. Thanks.