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Washing Machine Cleaner

Customers love our Washing Machine Cleaner. Multi-Purpose and a fraction of the cost of Tide.

This stuff is amazing! It made my washing machine smell all fresh & clean. It can be used for all sorts of things. My fav is to throw a little in the wash with my laundry to help get out stains or things that may need a little extra boost.

Works better than afresh. Price is better. Washing machine smells fresh.

Works well. Had to run multiple cycles as my washer was that gross.

I have never written to compliment a company on its product.  But your Kleenite Washing Machine Cleaner is incredible. Not only did it remove the musty smell from my washing machine, but, I also added it to a load of laundry. What a difference!  Thanks again, what a wonderful product.

I used Kleenite Washing Machine Cleaner- Generally washing out the dogs bedding leaves the machine a mess- and takes some time to clean- Using this cleaner - the results were amazing. The entire wash smells fresh - the set-tub also benefited - Highly Recommend.
Kleenite definitely works & the smell is not too overwhelming. I would purchase it. There is no lint or fuzz in thee dryer - Very satisfied.
I think your product is excellent! Cleaned my washing machine great! Sparkles and smells great! I think you should make your packaging more appealing! I will continue to buy now that I have tried it.

This stuff is amazing. It made my washing machine smell all clean and fresh, but then I started reading on it and it can be used for all kinds of things. My fav is to throw a little in the wash with my laundry to help get out any stain or things that may need a little boost.

Amazing. The odor in our washer was so nasty that I was getting ready to sell the machine. After running this through ONCE it worked better than that other stuff. After two times the odor was gone. I have used it as a booster in my daughters cloth diaper covers and they come out gleaming. What a bonus that the price is far less than the other stuff too! I will definitely order this again. Using this, and a towel to absorb sitting water from the door gasket will actually allow me to keep this machine until it dies.
Sara F.

I tried just about every method on the internet including the bleach tub soak with little or no improvement. Next was the vinegar "shock" method. You pour 1.5 gallons of vinegar over several towels and run through the tub clean cycle. That seemed to help but the odor was still present. I decided to try Kleenite. After the first treatment the odor was noticeably reduced. We continued to 1½  capfuls for the next several loads. The odors are gone. I reordered 5 bottles to keep my front loader smelling fresh for months to come. Very good product. Highly recommended.
Steven Schmidt

I would say if I have to purchase this product again I probably would however...please read and follow the instructions carefully because the product tends to leave some residue behind especially if you do not use hot water during the process. I was a bit disappointed about that but overall the product delivered. The smell in the washer is lesser now which helps. Thanks.

I tried Kleenite H.E. washer cleaner and it worked great. Not only does it clean my washer better than affresh tablets, but doubles as a laundry detergent booster. Cleans all my dingy laundry leaving it smelling clean and fresh every time. Costs less than affresh, Tide and LemiShine.

This Kleeite does it all, not just a washing machine cleaner, but also a great additive to my current detergent. makes my laundry smelling fresh and clean and removes stains from dingy clothes.

This stuff did a great job cleaning my washing machine. Highly recommend.
Richard & Robin

I was very pleased with this product. I ordered it because I was getting a musty smell in my washer, and it was starting to leave a musty smell on some of my clothes.
Wanita Slabach

I tried the Tide brand washing machine cleaner in the past and was overwhelmed by the harsh chemical smell. The odor lingered in my machine for days after using it.

My washing machine stunk horribly no matter what I did. I've used bleach, vinegar, Tide washing machine cleaner, you name it, but nothing worked.
Collette A. Mattingly

Worked as advertised. Prompt shipping. Will be ordering again.
Eric E.

So far so good. I have a couple more applications left. We moved into an apartment where the previous tenant used gross detergent.

Works great!
Janet L. Franklin

Took stinky smell away.
Justin Elder

This item worked well to remove laundry machine odors; was able to find another product per ounce for less.
Gloria Felton

This stuff is great - cleaned up my older machine very well. I'm allergic to bleach and this has no bleach-y odor like some of the other products I've tried.
Jedi Tempel